Thoughts on AI generated Content & Responsible Use

Tools using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to generate content are evolving at a remarkable pace. There is an obvious need for guidelines around the creation and publication of this content. The following outlines responsible use principles of AI generated content.

Responsible Use Principles

  1. Easily Identifiable: AI generated content should be clearly labeled as such.

    • Make people aware of what they are consuming.

    • This helps protect the interests and property of human creators.

  2. Truthful Content: AI generated content should be honest and verifiable.

    • Content should not trick, deceive, or plagiarize.

    • Altered or misrepresented realities are harmful when presented as truths.

    • No deepfakes.

  3. Positive Intent: AI generated content should be created and used to benefit humanity.

    • Content respects human dignity, rights, freedoms, and cultural diversity.

  4. Ownership: Creators and publishers take ownership of how and where they use AI generated content.

    • Creators and publishers assume liability upon generation and/or sharing of AI generated content.

  5. Acceptable Content: AI generated content should be widely acceptable in manner and taste.

    • Objectionable and offensive content is unacceptable. This includes pornography, violent, racist, or blatantly offensive material. When in doubt, avoid material that could be perceived as upsetting, insensitive, or intended to disgust.

  6. Content Generation: Creators and publishers are responsible for the ethical and moral use of AI generated content.

    • Creators and publishers will generate, use, and distribute content in a manner consistent with these Responsible Use Principles.

To support and encourage the responsible use of AI generated content, we have created Made By Computers™ Labels. These labels are designed to make AI generated content quickly and easily identifiable. Labels are freely accessible and can be added to AI generated content including images, text, audio, video, and code.

Makana Dumlao
Co-founder, Made By Computers

April 20, 2023